5 useful Windows Desktop Gadgets that you can’t miss out
It was Windows Vista that introduced the concept of Gadgets. The desktop gadgets are a means of finding information about the tasks being performed on your PC quickly enough right on your desktop. The later editions of the Windows operating systems continued on the concept further. Windows come with a few default gadgets. There are… (0 comment)

5 Best Computer Temperature Monitor tools you need to try
An introduction to CPU Temperature Overheating is what can kill your computer. As our entire computer users may be well aware of, the CPU or the Central Processing Unit gets heated up while it is performing the tasks you throw at it. If the amount of heat so generated is not dissipated properly, it can cause… (0 comment)

5 Affordable and best laptops for college students 2016
As a student, we need laptops as one of the most important parts of our college paraphernalia. Gone are the days when the laptops were treated as something that deviates your attention away from studies. They have become as essential as your textbooks are. And we are here to help you out in choosing some… (0 comment)

10 Reasons Why you need to Upgrade to Apple’s iOS 10
Apple has finally launched the all new iOS 10 update. The update will be available to all devices that not older than four years, we are back with the best reasons for upgrading your iPhone and other iOS devices to the latest iteration of the operating system. As with any new major update to an… (0 comment)