5 useful Windows Desktop Gadgets that you can’t miss out

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5 useful Windows Desktop Gadgets

It was Windows Vista that introduced the concept of Gadgets. The desktop gadgets are a means of finding information about the tasks being performed on your PC quickly enough right on your desktop. The later editions of the Windows operating systems continued on the concept further.

Windows come with a few default gadgets. There are several third-party gadgets available which promise to be different. However, most of them do not meet the expectations you may be having with the functionality. It could be a difficult task to find a good gadget for your desktop. That is exactly what prompted us to look for the best Gadgets available for your Windows installations. Here we go with what we could find out.

What are Desktop Gadgets?

The Desktop Gadgets on Windows operating system are the small applications that help you get some useful information about the tasks being performed by your laptop or PC. The Gadgets do away the need to accessing the service directly by letting you access the information on your desktop itself. The names also know this like Windows Sidebar or Desktop Gadgets.

Microsoft has stated that new Gadgets will not be launched after 2011. However, the existing gadgets should continue to work efficiently. Let us list out a few gadgets available for Windows operating system.

Here is a list of  FIVE useful Windows Desktop Gadgets

1. TweetZ

If you are someone who is constantly on Twitter, TweetZ can be a great Twitter gadget for you. The gadget lets you access your Twitter account seamlessly on your desktop. No matter what you are doing on your computer or laptop – you will keep getting your Twitter feeds continually.

The Gadget is quite easy to use with a minimal interface. The gadget does not take much of the space on your desktop for that matter. However, there are options to change it if you want to. You can get regular updates on your Twitter account including messages and tweets from your friends and family. Moreover, the gadget lets you set different alarms for private messages, status updates and messages.

The service can refresh itself automatically. You can set the refresh intervals as per your requirements.

2. Shutdown Gadget

If you the habit of leaving your laptop or computer on for prolonged hours even when you are not working on it, the Shutdown Gadget is a good option for you. The gadget shuts down your PC after the preset interval of inactivity.

The gadget uses the older Windows XP styled buttons on its interface. You can, however, change the background color of the gadget the options for which can be accessed through Settings.

There is also a newer Auto Shutdown Gadget in the new style. Aptly labeled AutoShutdown Restyled, the gadget comes with a redesigned interface. A secure way to be worry free when it comes to shutting down your computer, or rather forgetting to do so.

3. AdSensor Gadget

One of the essential gadgets for the bloggers and website owners. The desktop gadget for Windows 7 and Vista lets you check how much your blog is earning and it shows you the records right on your desktop.

You do not need to login to your Google AdSense account to check your earnings. The gadget will let you know of the data for Search, Feeds, and mobile data as well. The Google API, on the other hand, records the content data alone.

The gadget can check for the updates every fifteen minutes. It records the impressions, clicks and earnings for the different periods of the day, week or month. There is no need for regularly updating the gadget or logging into the AdSense account over and again.

4. Language Translator Gadget

If you are someone who has fluency in multiple languages or have the habit of visiting websites in the languages you do not know, this gadget can be a great tool for you. It is much helpful for those users who switch between languages quite so often.

The gadget supports around 55 languages from across the globe. The design may not impress you much, but the functionality is impressive enough. If you come across a few sites which use a foreign language, the gadget will be an aid in getting to know the meaning of the phrase.

The Language Translator Gadget is quite small in size and simple with its interface. For some of the languages, it uses native scripts instead of the transliterations. A few examples are Hindi and Korean.

The gadget supports Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Thai languages among others. The translation happens in both directions.

5. Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget

The gadget will let you save on your broadband data efficiently. The WiFi monitor gadget scans the WiFi networks available in your area. The tool looks a little overloaded with a huge amount of data contained within the smaller size of the gadget. But, yes – it is powerful enough regarding functionality.

The Xirrus WiFi Monitor Gadget lists all the wireless networks located in your area and displays the relative signal strengths of the systems. That would be a great feature to let you choose the best networks available for you. The gadget takes up much small space on your desktop and can be switched on in a consistent fashion. If you are connected to the WiFi network, the gadget shows the connection status, speed, IP address and other details.

The gadget also reveals much of the information about the security level of the WiFi network you are connected to. Looks wise, the Xirrus WiFi Monitor is a gadget is quite easy to use. You have access to nine different skins to choose as per your liking.

Concluding Thoughts

That would conclude our list of top five desktop gadgets for Windows. We have concentrated on a variety of gadgets so that we could pick the gadgets from different genres. That, however, does not make this list an exclusive one at that.

We have chosen a few gadgets that represent a whole gamut of the available gadgets. Kindly note that Windows 10 emphasizes on using apps rather than the gadgets. Even in that case, we have seen that most of the gadgets do work on the newest version of the Windows operating system.

Have our readers used any of the gadgets featured above? Do our visitors have any of their favorite gadgets? Do share your favorite gadgets and your views and opinions on them.

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