Best Emulator for Android that you can’t control downloading {Free & Paid}

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Retro games always have a high value. The nostalgia associated with the older consoles apart, even the replay value of the retro games is also of great importance – also by today’s standards. Newer versions are always released, and as yet, we always love to play the originals.

That is where a good emulator comes into the scene. An emulator lets you play the older games on your devices. We will check out the best Emulator for Android in the article below.

1. PPSSPP for Android

Best Emulator for Android

When it comes to games, Sony’s Play Station is the most popular name. PPSSPP is the best emulator for Play Station on Android. It has been observed that Play Station emulators do not seem to have lots of demand. However, PPSSPP is one of the great options when it comes to PSP emulators.

It can run a huge lot of PSP games at ease. However, please note that some of the games may not run on your device. The performance depends on the speed of your device. The emulator does not come with any download within. You can convert your PSP games into.ISO or.CSO and add them to your USB storage. You can download the home brewn games as well.

PPSSPP also lets you transfer your saved games from your PSP. The emulator is best in class for the PSP fans. You can play your favourite PSP games on your Android at high definition.

Check it out and get more information on Google Play store.You can opt for it at Rs. 349.

2. SuperRetro SNES Emulator

Best Emulator for Android

SuperRetro SNES is one of high-end Super Nintendo emulators for Android.  Nintendo games have been excellent and popular. In addition to the popularity of the Nintendo platform, SuperRetro has been the best SNES emulator we have used so far.

SuperRetro has an excellent gameplay support and cloud sync support for your saved games. The emulator supports fast and slow gameplay, customisable overlays and cheats code support.

Some of the features include

  • Auto detection of games
  • Best customer care
  • Network multiplayer support on Bluetooth.
  • Advanced layout
  • Mouse support for a few games

You can play a host of retro Nintendo games like Super Mario and Donkey Cong Country. The app is regularly updated, and thus you can be sure of no possibility of bugs found in other NSES emulators.

For more information, visit Google Play Store. This emulator is priced at just Rs. 99.99.

3. DraStic DS Emulator

Best Emulator for Android

DraStic DS Emulator is the popular Nintendo DS emulator available for Android. The emulator allows you sync your saved games on the Google Drive account.

The emulator appears to be a little pricey, but it works the best. DraStic DS Emulator lets you play Nintendo games easily. One of the features we liked most with the emulator is the possibility to use two DS screens.

A few useful features of DraStic DS Emulator are

  • You can play the games at the double the original resolution. Please note that this feature may work only in select high end
  • The emulator lets you add add-on controllers and additional physical controls. The feature will work only on select models.
  • You can save game stats and resume your games as and when you wish.
  • Support for a massive list of cheat codes.
  • Support for fast forward.

You may visit Google Play Store for more information and download the emulator. DraStic DS Emulator is priced at Rs. 370.

4. RetroArch

Best Emulator for Android

This is one of the best All in One emulator. RetroArch supports an impressive list of platforms. However, please note that it does not support Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS and ATARI 2600 though. Some of the titles recommended are Sega CD, Virtual Boy, and others.

Some salient features of the program include

  • Play all your favourite platforms in one single app.
  • It is an open source program.
  • You can scan your files to detect and add all the games across different platforms to your collection.
  • Load a huge list of cheats.
  • The emulator consists of over 80 programs..and the list is growing.
  • The application is free, yet has no ads!
  • RetroArch is an open source program.

Get the RetroArch from Google Play Store. The app is available for free on Play Store.

5. C64.emu

Best Emulator for Android

C64 is a Commodore 64 emulator on Android. The C64 emulator is considered to be the most stable Commodore emulator currently available. The emulator supports quite a good number of formats, and it works with concepts like multi-disc support.

Here we go with a few top features of the platform

  • The emulator does support for FastSID and ReSID sound modes.
  • It works with most of the gaming controllers.
  • The emulator supports saving game stats and resuming your games.
  • It works in portrait and landscape modes.
  • It can be configured for the on-screen multi-touch

The platform is available on the Google Play Store.  The C64 emulator is priced at Rs. 216.49.

The Concluding Thoughts

We assure our readers that the emulators featured in the above paragraphs have been checked by us. These emulators will bring out the best from the yesteryear games. You can be assured that the emulators outlined above are entirely legal.

However, please ensure that you should not distribute the games that you have copied. We would also like to point out that the emulators are the best pieces of software that have happened to us, but still, they are never completely trustworthy. How they perform on your device depends on the speed, performance and other factors of your device you are using. Sometimes they may work and sometimes may cause issues.

Having said that, we would expect you to try the featured emulators. Have you used any of them? We would welcome you to share your views and opinions with us on the Best Emulator for Android of your choice.

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