5 Best Computer Temperature Monitor tools you need to try

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An introduction to CPU Temperature

computer temperature monitor tools

Overheating is what can kill your computer. As our entire computer users may be well aware of, the CPU or the Central Processing Unit gets heated up while it is performing the tasks you throw at it. If the amount of heat so generated is not dissipated properly, it can cause overheating. If you want to safeguard your PC against the overheating issues, you need to monitor the temperature of your CPU.

You need not worry – many apps let you monitor the CPU temperature. We will list out our top picks for the best CPU Temperature monitors. The Computer Temperature Monitor tools should be capable of letting you note and monitor your CPU temperatures easily.

List of 5 best Computer Temperature Monitor tools

1. Speccy

The device is capable of measuring the exact current CPU temperature along with a lot of other relevant information. The software is simple, easy to use and free. Speccy is available both for 32 bit and 64-bit architecture.

The software is available in both free and paid versions. However, the free version should be enough for the day to day requirements. The application does not take much of the space on your PC. You can take screenshots with the software. Speccy is capable of diagnosing the issues arising out of the increased temperature.

Speccy is the right tool for knowing what resides inside your computer. Getting to know everything inside would help you in making efficient and timely purchase decisions.

Speccy can be downloaded from Piriform

2. SpeedFan

SpeedFan is yet another free to use application that can register the CPU temperature. We included it in our top picks list because of its features that outsmart other similar applications.

Apart from analyzing the temperature, or the change is temperature to be precise, SpeedFan also lets you troubleshoot the issues. The program can be used to make certain modifications in the settings so that you can avoid the problems that your PC may have to face as a result of overheating.

SpeedFan comes with an easy to use interface. The tool will not need any learning curve and can be used even by the novices regarding technical knowledge. The program details the information in a graphical manner and thus can be helpful in gaining a clear and easy to understand information.

SpeedFan gives you precise information on the status of your computer.

Get SpeedFan from the link of ALMICO.


As the name itself indicates, HWiNFO is a software tool that lets you gather hardware information of your PC or laptop. It can be used to analyze a vast range of parameters about the functioning of your PC. It measures your CPU temperature as well.

You need not be a technology expert to use HWiNFO. The tool is quite easy to understand and use. However, the interface looks a little dull and uninspiring. Even then, the performance of the software makes it outsmart the competing tools available. Moreover, the software also lets you access a huge list of parameters apart from the CPU temperature.

HWiNFO generates detailed reports for a proper analysis. You can have details of all the aspects of your system hardware. The program can continuously monitor all the all system components in the background and can predict the possibility of failure.

The software is available for download at HWiNFO.

4. SIW

SIW is another system information tool that can be accessed for free. The software can be used in the sensor mode and get proper information on the CPU temperature and other hardware information. That would be helpful in analyzing the issues your system may be facing and take troubleshooting measures.

SIW stands for System Information for Windows.The looks and design of the software are quite impressive. In fact, SIW has been considered to be one of the best tools when it comes to identifying the possible trouble in your system configuration. It works as a software and hardware monitoring tool.

SIW can be used for analyzing Software, Hardware and Network issues. The device operates in the portable variant and thus will not need installation. You can get it from the link from CNET

5. HW Monitor

HW Monitor as is evident from its name is one of the best tools for monitoring your hardware. The program lets you check and analyze CPU temperature, hard drive temperature and fan speed among a few other parameters.

The tool is free to use and should be one of the best options to choose. It is a real competitor to Speccy when it comes to the functionality and features. The software comes with many advanced features that even many paid apps miss out. HW Monitor is available both the portable and installable versions. You can choose the option that best suits you.

The best part with HW Monitor is that it is free, yet comes with some noteworthy features. The application size considerably smaller and as such will not take much of your RAM. It provides you a whole range of information about different CPU performance indicators like CPU Voltages and hard disk temperature among others.

The first time users of the program can face some issues with the ease of use and the concepts. The program is primarily a hardware monitoring program. The program can be obtained from the official website of CPUID.

The final thoughts

It is an issue of utmost importance that most of the cases of system failures in PCs or laptops happen due to the overheating of the components. In more cases than one, it has been observed that the CPU temperature plays a significant role in the proper functioning of your system.

From that point of view, we would advise our readers to use at least one of the Computer Temperature Monitor tool on your device. Constant monitoring of the temperature and other parameters can help you maintain and troubleshoot if your system has any issues.

Our top picks featured above are based on our experience with them. If you have any of your favorite monitoring tools that you feel deserves to be in the list above, do share with us in the comments below.

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