GTunes Music Download App: Free MP3 Downloader App for Android

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Music always has a soothing effect. In the current era, where everything we do has been dependent on the smartphones there is indeed a great need for a music app that can be quite feature filled. If you are one of those who in constantly in search of some high-quality music online, you may be looking forward to an app that can ably meet all your needs.

Do you love online music? Your search should end here. We are introducing you to a good music app that can fulfill all your music needs. GTunes Music Download for Android is one such app that you should try out.

GTunes Music Download – What is it?

Well, GTunes Music is a very popular music app for Android. Developed by Luke W, it comes with a broad range of repository of some top rated music destinations around the globe.


The GTunes Music Download app has a best in class navigation. The top bar has separate tabs so that you can search for your favourite music based on your search criteria.

The app has tabs for Artist (labeled Player), Album or Library. You are free to choose your way of searching for the online music that you love. Once you have opted for the track, you have the option to preview it before actually downloading it. If you decide to listen to the track, GTunes will stream it to your device. You can listen to it and then choose to download it.

There could be times when you do not want to download the entire track to your device. You may be interested in downloading only a part of it and say, use it as your ringtone. GTunes Music Download does let you do it. The  GTunes app has an Edit option wherein you can write the track you have chosen and opt to get only that part of it that you would wish to use. Please note that you will need to have a MicroSD card mounted on your device to be able to use that feature. If you haven’t installed a MicroSD card, ensure you fulfill the need before deciding to edit and save the tone of your choice.

The Preview option is a well thought of a feature on the GTunes app. You will be able to check the quality of the track you are downloading. That will let you avoid the regret later if the quality of the track does not appeal once it is downloaded. You can be sure of whether you are downloading the original track of a song, or an illegal copy of the same.

The Interface

Gtunes - Music - Download

The user interface of the GTunes mobile app is quite user-friendly. The UI is quite intuitive and would not need any learning curve. The look and feel of the GTunes app suit even a newbie.

The search option within the app is much easy to use. It is quite handy for searching for the music worldwide. The search options within the search menu let you narrow down your search criteria quickly so that you can find your favourite music much faster.

The app has a special dedicated category for Asian Music. The category, for now, has a wider range of music from Japan and Korea. It may be a great collection for the lovers of JPop and Kpop genre.

The features

Some of the best features of the GTunes Music Downloader app include
• You can download an unlimited number of songs using the app.
• The app has a library of original tracks. No illegal copies.
• Easy to use and user-friendly interface that does not need a learning curve to get used to.
• More Accessible options to search for your favorite music tracks. You can use a variety of options to search the path you want. Some of them are Keywords, album, artist, etc.
• The GTunes Music app also has a Home Screen widget option.

Is it worth it?

Well, definitely. GTunes Music Download app comes with some impressive features that a music lover – an online music lover, to be precise – would be looking forward to.

The inbuilt edit functionality is the best feature we would vouch for. The ability to select the tracks before downloading them would make it better choice among music fans. That alone should make GTunes Music app the first selection of our music fans.

In comparison to the other music apps available for Android, GTunes Music app is more polished and comes with really unusual features. Moreover, it is free to download and use. Of course, you will have ads, but we did not see the ads being intrusive in any way.

Any Bugs?

Well, there aren’t many as we could find. The GTunes Music Download app works almost flawlessly in everything it does.
The only bug we could notice was it would need a MicroSD card for using the edit feature. If you have not mounted an SD card, the app will ask you to do the same and crash. If you relaunch it, it will again go to the last option used and crash again. You will not be able to use the app again until you mount an SD card. We hope the issue would be sorted out.

Download GTunes Music Downloader here: Download (GTunes Music Downloader V6)

Our Verdict

We would rate the GTunes Music Download app as one of the nicest additions to your app collection on your Android. It can find tracks from some of the most popular music services like LastFM, 7Digital, etc. It should be a numero Uno destination for all your online music requirements. If you are someone who loves online music, this is the only app that you can rely on.

What makes it a good option is the fact that it is free. There is no harm in downloading it and getting a feel for the app. You can always uninstall it if you do not like it. But, we are sure – once you have used GTunes Music Download app, you will not regret having downloaded it. Unfortunately, the app is not available on Google Play Store. You may need to search for it in other app stores like MoboGenie.

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  • I love this app. I can find an old song or a new song, then break it down for a ringtone. Various of the features of this app are quite functionary, for example, tap Player on the interface, I can listen to the song where I left off last time.
    Thanks a lot for showing me right path to download easily..


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