10 Must have iPhone apps everyone should try atleast once

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10 must have iPhone Apps

Bought an iPhone but confused what all apps to download and how to know which one is better? Well don’t worry love, today I will tell you all about the iPhone apps that you should have and how to know which ones are good. You will find apps for navigation, food, music and much more. Just dive in with me.

List of 10 Must have iPhone apps

  1. Google Maps:

  • Google maps are probably the best app for navigation, and it’s handy.
  • If you are synced with your google account, then Google maps also keep track of all the places you have visited so far.
  • Isn’t this is the best thing?
  • This app also has automatic re-routing which is based on live traffic, road closures and traffic incidents.
  • Google maps also help you find places and hotels in the state of the country.
  • If you are going to a new place, Google maps is a must downloaded the app.
  1. Buffer

  • Busy? Can’t update your social media? Don’t worry just download buffer.
  • The buffer is the app that helps you update your status from just one app. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking site. Download buffer and update from just one place.
  • You can also schedule when to post which update and on which website.
  • You also get analytics for your status updates. How many likes, retweets, repins, shares, mentions and more.
  1. Dashlane

  • Worried about your money? Can’t take off your expenses? Well fear not, the app Dashlane does it for you.
  • The app manages your passwords and wallet. It provides your phone with security for your apps and also helps you keep track of your expenses by backing up your credit card wallet.
  • It also secures your passwords, identification and other private details in your mobile wallet and then you can carry them anywhere with you.
  • You also have encryption system while backing up your important data.
  • Dashlane does not save the copy of your password. Only you can access your password vault.
  • This app is a must download for frequent spenders and people in business.
  1. Sleep Cycle

  • Have you always wondered how much time should you sleep in a day and when should you wake up so that your sleep is complete?
  • Well then this is the app for you, this app lets you see how much you should sleep and when should you wake up.
  • This app helps you wake up between your sleep cycles so that you wake up refreshed.
  1. Dropbox

  • Dropbox is a portable manager. You can bring your photos, videos, documents anywhere with Dropbox.
  • You can edit your Microsoft Office files from your phone or your tablet.
  • You can also backup photos and videos automatically if you want.
  • You can send large files without using email attachments.
  1. Vine

  • Ever wanted to make the world laugh along with you?
  • Well, this app does that, you can record videos on a Vine app for 6 seconds and then upload it to the YouTube or Vine as well.
  • Many YouTube celebrities have been doing Vine videos and have become amazingly popular.
  • It’s a fun app, and one can always refresh their minds with the Vine
  1. Duolingo

  • Learn any language with Duolingo.
  • We all want to give new languages a try, and Duolingo just makes it pretty easy for us to know how to pronounce a word or a letter.
  • This app happens to be very illustrative and is amazing when it comes to teaching.
  1. Shazam

  • Who does not like music? Everybody loves hearing music and the beats that make them move like Jagger.
  • And that is why this app is the best when it comes to hearing music on your sassy iPhones.
  • Shazam happens to be the world’s most popular app and is used by hundreds of millions of people each month.
  • You just have to simply log in to sync all your Shazams across all devices.
  • You can access this app even when you are offline.
  • You can follow your favorite artists to know what they are coming up with next.
  • Shazam has a visual recognition, Tap the camera icon to Shazam posters, magazines, books. Use it anywhere where you see the Shazam camera logo.
  1. Flipboard

  • Fond of news? Then you should have this app, as this app helps you in finding news for any topic you want.
  • Used by millions of people every day, the award- winning Flipboard has been completely re-designed to bring together news, popular stories, and conversations around any interest or passion.
  • From Photography to productivity, travel to technology, fashion to food.
  • You just have to download the app and choose what you love, and then Flipboard will make a magazine for you with your passions.
  1. My Fitness Pal

  • In a generation of being lazy, some of us like the idea of exercising and keeping ourselves fit and healthy.
  • And this app is pretty good at doing that; one cannot get bored of this app even if he wanted to.
  • This app tells you to exercise and also keeps track of your calorie count. This app finds the easiest and fastest way to lose those calories.
  • This app has biggest food database, recipe importer, food insights, and calorie counter.
  • You can create your personalized experience and save it.

Now that you know which apps to download, what are you waiting for? Well, all these apps are pretty helpful. These apps have helped me in finding places or eating good food and so on.

These apps are what we need as we are becoming techno-savvy day by day and lazier by the nights. Many of you reading this post might be playing online games. There are many good apps for playing games that don’t come in a free version. So here is how to unblock online games of that you love. Have a good day.

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