10 Reasons Why you need to Upgrade to Apple’s iOS 10

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Apple has finally launched the all new iOS 10 update. The update will be available to all devices that not older than four years, we are back with the best reasons for upgrading your iPhone and other iOS devices to the latest iteration of the operating system.

As with any new major update to an operating system, people hesitate before deciding to upgrade to the new iteration. They would wish to go through the reviews that would enable them to go through the pros and cons of upgrading their devices. We present the top 10 reasons which make sure you will be inclined to upgrade.

10 Reasons Why you need to Upgrade to Apple's iOS 10

Reasons why you need to Upgrade to Apple’s iOS 10

#1. Great New Features

iOS 10 brings many new features to the fore. Some notable improvements include the redesigned Photos app and an improvised Apple Music service.

The Photos app now comes with Artificial Intelligence. It now has the automatic video creation enabled in it. Those who are photography fans would fall in love with it as they would be able to convert all their creations into memories.

Power users of Apple Music should find the newer Apple Music redesign appealing. You will love the new interface. It now features a display of lyrics. This feature can be a great addition for those who love singing along.

#2. Siri Improvements

Siri has been one of the most popular personal assistants out there. Now with iOS 10, it is open to third-party developers. That would mean you can now use Siri with any of the third party apps. You can now check your emails from your Gmail app, or order a Pizza from Pizza Hut asking Siri to do it.

Siri Extensions will be made available for the third party apps in a phased manner. To begin with, Apple has allowed the apps from only a few categories to use Siri extensions. These include Ride booking, Photo Search,  Messaging, Workout, VoIP calling and Payments.

#3. Better iMessage App

iMessage has received a massive improvement in iOS 10.Messaging need not be a tedious affair anymore. Attempts are on to bring it at par with the competing messaging platforms.

There has been a redesigned Emoji support. Once you compose the message, you just need to pull up the Emoji keyboard to let the app detect the words and its equivalent Emojis and offer you suggestions. There is a new Digital Touch feature that lets you draw things on your screen and send it to your contacts. Stickers are now supported that would make it a better competitor for traditional services like WhatsApp and Viber. iMessage has received handwriting support in iOS 10.

Moreover, there is a separate store for iMessage now with iOS 10. You can shop for Emojis, GIFs and stickers. Third party integration has been quite seamless.

#4. Performance Improvements

It has been observed that the performance takes a backseat when you upgrade your older devices. That has been one of the trailing sides for iOS. But, not with iOS 10.

The older devices indeed have received a performance boost. There isn’t much lag observed. In particular cases, it has been found to be better than iOS 9 on older devices. Tests conducted on iPhone 6 and 6S have shown that the phone boots were slightly faster than on the on the earlier version. Surprisingly enough, iPhone 5 and 5S have shown that the apps open faster than on iOS 9.

Please note that the tests were conducted on beta releases, however, there is enough room to believe that the final version will not have any performance regression.

#5. Removal of stock apps

Stock apps or system apps can be something entirely annoying for some of us. You are not allowed to uninstall them, while you do not use them much either.

iOS 10 lets you hide stock apps so that they will not consume your processor power, or drain your battery. You can even uninstall them if you do not like them, just as you would do with any other app. If you feel you miss them, you are free to re-download them from their app store.

#6. New Control centre

The control centre has been improved for better. It now features a separate music control panel. You just need to swipe to the right in the control centre to access it. It provides you various controls for your music experience.

3D Touch support has been added for the control centre as well. You can now use 3D touch for different icons on your control centre.

#7. Keyboard gets smarter

Stock iOS keyboard app had been trailing behind for quite some time. Competition from GBoard and SwiftKey made the default keyboard look pale. Apple is looking forward to changing it with iOS 10.

Apple is launching Siri support for Quick Type. That would make you get word predictions based on what you type. That is a feature similar to SwiftKey. There is an additional feature that even SwiftKey lacks. You will be able to get Email and Phone number suggestions as well. There is a Multilanguage support for Apple keyboard.

#8.Voice Mail Transcription

When you call someone, and an automated voice responds to you. You do not want to listen to it. No need to worry, Apple has now set you from being forced to hear about it.

iOS 10 will provide you with a full transcription of the voice message on your phone app. You can click on the number and read the transcription of the message. You can even share the transcribed message through the share button. Please note that the transcription is available in English right now. There are some errors observed in it as well, but a good thought indeed!

#9. Better lock screen

The lock screen has received a good upgrade. There is no Swipe to Unlock-feature anymore. A right swipe will let you access the widgets, while a left swipe will give you access to the camera.

The lock screen notifications have become more interactive. You can now remove all notifications with a 3D Touch gesture, or through a left swipe.

#10. Raise to wake

You no longer need to use the home button to unlock your device when you pick it up. The new Rise to wake feature will you get the lock screen turn on as soon as you pick the phone up.

The accelerometer detects it when you pick the phone up from a flat surface, and the lock screen will turn on. No more fumbling with the phone in the dark to find the home button! However, this feature will work with only select models of iPhone. Check if your model is supported.

If you do not like the feature, you can disable it from settings. Go to Display and Brightness under settings and toggle the Raise to Wake switch.

Well, that was our short list of some unique features that have gone live with iOS 10. We hope these new cool improvements should inspire you to upgrade to iOS 10. We would suggest you to go and grab the update. If you are not happy, you can always downgrade later. Share your views if you have already upgraded. We would love to have your opinions on the latest iteration of Apple iOS 10.

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